Sun Necklace – Zazzy

Sun Necklace by Elena Indolfi

2015-04-08-21-38-33-d26621e5e7dbfe9d6329254cbea1c87 2015-04-08-21-37-38-9455d71de0d6b2c7b2d01b971d195a1b 2015-04-08-21-38-10-64eb881eeb1ad06f27f0c22423aede7d

Material: Gold Plated Shiny Steel

Cord: Golden Chain (Small)

Dimensions (mm): 30w x 29.8d x 2h

Dimensions (in): 1.2w x 1.2d x 0.1h

We ensure this design is made to the highest standard by using only professional printers and premium materials.

Always 100% nickel-free, unique and custom printed for you.


After custom making your order, we’ll check, finish and package it by hand.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing, plus delivery time to Italy.

We charge a flat €2,50 for shipping.


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